Books Based Around War // Book List

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I had my first field hockey game of the season on Saturday and I am a tad bit sore still! Today, it is a bit more of a different post…

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Non-Fiction Books I Want To Read in 2017

Hello! How are you all? I completely forgot to mention this the other week, but I hit 50 followers! I would just like to say that I am so happy that 50 amazing people from around the world are here to listen to ramble on about books and other things. So, thank you.

Today, I am going to be listing some non-fiction Books I would like to read. I used to absolutely love autobiographies and non-fiction war stories, but it’s been years since I read a non-fiction novel. So, this year I would like to branch out and read non-fiction! So, without further ado…
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Things That Annoy A Reader // Bookish Pet Peeves

Hello to you lovely humans! I hope everyone had a good weekend, I had a friend’s 18th birthday party on the weekend, and I may or may not have been rather hungover on Sunday…

Anyway, today I am going to list some bookish pet peeves that get on all our nerves. Let’s get started…

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My Favourite Book Quotes // Part 2

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Today I am going to be doing Part 2 of quotes from books that I love. Check out Part 1 here:ย My Favourite Book Quotes – Part 1. Let’s get started!

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My Most Anticipated Reads for This Year

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is having a good Monday! Today I will be listing the books I plan to read this year, that I am most excited for. Some of these books have been out for a while, or haven’t even been released yet. Let’s get going, shall we? Continue reading “My Most Anticipated Reads for This Year”

Strong Female Characters in Novels

Happy International Women’s Day! This post is a few days late, but this idea only occurred to me after I had posted my Fictional Crushesย post, that this would be a perfect time to celebrate female authors who have created badass female characters.

Let’s get going, shall we?

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Fictional Crushes

Hello! I was going to do a WWW Wednesday today, but I’m still reading the same book from last weeks one, so instead I’m going to be listing my fictional crushes that give me very high expectations. I’ll probably end up listing not only my crushes but, my little babies that need protecting at all costs.

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My Favourite Book Quotes – Part 1

Hiii! How is everyone? I hope everyone has had a good week and is looking forward to the weekend ahead. Today I decided to share some of my favourite quotes from some of my favourite books. My Mum gave me this idea, so let’s get going!

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Popular Books I Haven’t Read

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 20 FOLLOWERS! I’d just like to say thanks for all your support and for joining me on this journey!

I have always been an avid reader, I love books and diving into their worlds. Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve noticed I tend to read popular books after all the hype about them or once the series finished, which causes me to be late to the party quite often.

Today, I thought I would list some of the popular books that I am intrigued by, but haven’t read yet, so let’s get started!
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My Top 8 Romance Novels

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all have a lovely day with your loved ones, whether that’s your girlfriend or boyfriend or even your pets, it doesn’t matter.

In celebration of Valentines Day, I though I would list some of my favourite romance novels. Writing this post, made me notice that I don’t really ‘experiment’ with romance novels, I tend to read more mainstreamย ย books, but that doesn’t worry me, I enjoy them and that’s the main thing!

Okay enough rambling, just to note, these books are in no particular order, so let’s get started!

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