My Reading Corner //

Hello! How are you? I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit or whatever you celebrate! Today I am sharing with you my reading corner that I have recently done up. Let’s get going.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take some pictures before I took everything out and changed it all but I basically had a big, black, chunky couch under my window and a tall bookshelf with 6 shelves on it.

And this is what I have now!

image 1image 3image 4





(You’ll have to ignore the lighting and low quality of the pictures)

I am so happy with how it was turned out! The shelf was actually my old bookshelf that my Dad and I reconstructed and turned into what it is now.
➳ I got the chair for my birthday this year in October so I’m happy to finally have it in my room.
➳ Most of my books are mainly from Dymocks or The Book Depository.
➳ All the little trinkets on my shelves are bits I have collected over the years.
➳ The record player is from K-mart (I think, could be Target).
➳ My records are from Sanity.
➳ The Lightbox is from Typo.
➳ I’m not sure where my polaroid camera is from, sorry!

I hope to get some floating shelves to put in the corner above the chair as it is quite bare now.

I have been living in this little space every day since I finished it and I couldn’t be happier! Hopefully, this will get me back into reading…


Thanks for reading! I am going to start a bullet journal soon, so let me know if you would like to see how that goes. Also, let me know if you would like to see a more detailed bookshelf tour and I will see you soon (hopefully with a book review). Bye!

end card.jpeg

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