Christmas Holiday TBR // December & January

Hello! Hey! Hi! How are you? It’s finally December (what? How? When?)! I’m finally on my Christmas holidays, which goes for about 2 months and I’m so excited because that means Christmas and reading and doing all the things I finally have time for.

Anyway, there is a point to this blog post, here are all the books that I have collected over the past couple of months that I plan on reading over the holidays. 


These are in no particular order and may change once Christmas is over but as of December 2nd, this is it:

december-january tbr 1.jpg

➳ I love John Green and I am so excited about his new book!.
➳ I really enjoyed Illuminae, let’s hope Gemina is just as good.
➳ It’s taken me sooo loongg to get to Library of Souls, I finished Hollow City about 5 months ago (oops)

december-january tbr 2.jpg

➳ I’ve heard very mixed reviews on Strange the Dreamer and can be very hit or miss with some people, let’s hope it’s a hit!
➳ I got so sucked into Three Dark Crowns, I’m so intrigued to see where this one goes.
Glass Sword killed me, it honestly killed me; low key not ready for Kings Cage.

december-january tbr 3.jpg

➳ I’m really unsure as to where to start with Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha novels. Do I start with the Shadow and Bone Series or the Six of Crows duology? I only own Shadow and Bone but I have both Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, do I splurge and buy the rest of the series or just start with Six of Crows?
➳ Please let me know if you’ve read Leigh Bardugo’s books and what series is best to start with!


That’s it! Thanks for reading if you made it this far and I hope to post again soon!

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