Fan Art Friday // #4

Hello! It is time for yet another Fan Art Friday, I hope everyone had a good week and is happy for the weekend!

I don’t really know how long I’m going to do this series for, I’m thinking about 10ish and then do something else, but who knows.


Anyway, every week when it comes to looking for the art to feature, I have to constantly restrict myself from using Harry Potter related ones, they are just everywhere and I try to limit myself to one a week but today, that wasn’t going to happen.

When I was browsing the rabbit hole that is the internet,  for some amazing fan art, I came across this too-cute-for-words artwork of Harry and Hagrid by Lulu Sketches on tumblr.

harry and hagrid 1.jpgharry and hagrid 1.1.jpg

HOW CUTE?! It had the caption, ‘Hagrid going back to Hogwarts after the war, and Harry taking him to Diagon Alley to return the favor :)’
I just can’t handle it.

Inspired by: The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

This one of Lily and James immediately had my heart as soon as I saw it, and I knew I had to feature it this week.

As far as my research goes, I’m pretty sure this is by viria13 on Deviant Art.

james and lily 1.jpg

Inspired by: The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

Last but, certainly not least, this incredible portrayal of my favourite foursome, The Marauders. the marauders 1.jpg

This is by Jenna Paddey Art on tumblr and inspired by the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.


That’s all folks, thank you for reading and let me know some of your favourite pieces, I would love to see them! I’ll see you all on Monday for my next post!

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