My First Blog Post

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This is my first blog post, hence the title. I don’t really know how to word these things but I hope with practice I will eventually get the hang of it. I suppose I should tell you why I have decided to create this blog and what I intend to ramble on about.

If you would like to get some insight into who I am, head over to the ‘About’ tab and there shall be some information about me there.

I plan to make posts and such about my opinions on books and other things. I feel very passionate about books and their universes and have a constant need to spill my feelings and thoughts about it, and what better way to share my thoughts than with the internet.

This blog will be mostly book-ish but, I hope to discuss other things like music or TV shows and movies, which are other passions of mine, later on. As I am a beginner to these things, I might just start with books for now before I get too much on my plate.

I suppose that is all I have to say for now, so I’ll speak to you all soon!

– R xxx


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